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Are you planning to throw away your old shoes? Well, before you do that, take a minute, and read this post. You already know that the shoes you wear to compliment your outfit can make or break the look. On this note, purchasing the right pair of shoes can be satisfying, but customizing it your way can be more exhilarating. Are you wondering how you can quickly revitalize an old pair of shoes and create a new look? The answer is painting your shoes! 

You have various paint options, such as spray paint, leather paints, paint markers, and acrylic paints. However, one of the most common options is to paint your shoes using fabric pens. Moreover, DIYers would find it even more thrilling to design the look of their shoes. Therefore, here are some ways to transform those basic white canvas shoes into something colorful.  

1. Paint Your Shoes with Stick-On Gems and Fabric Pens 

If you have been trying to get creative with your old canvas shoes, here’s one of the best ways. All you need are some stick-on gemstones and fabric pens. You can choose the colors as per your preference. Fabric pens are the most preferred water-based and highly-rated painting pens that offer an opaque pigment. They stain on porous surfaces like shoes permanently. These pens also let you create intricate designs on any surface conveniently.  

So, to create this look, get a pair of white canvas shoes and outline the design you want to make on them. With colors of your choice, you can start filling up the designs. You can even color it randomly, creating a rainbow hue. Finally, you can stick the gemstones on your preferred design. You may finish this look by adding an ombre-colored shoelace or color the shoe laces. Make sure to use fabric glues to fix the gemstones. 

Additionally, you may even choose to stick laces on the shoes. To set the colors permanently on the shoes, you might iron them for a few minutes. This way, the fabric pen colors won’t smudge and will last longer. 

Painted sneakers with fabric pens


2. Create a Floral Pattern on the Shoes 

The floral patterns are among the trendiest designs that give anything a touch of summer. Creative minds would find customizing their old shoes with beautiful floral patterns instead of simply throwing them away. This is a feminine pattern, and you can create it easily. 

To begin with, get a printout of your preferred floral design. Next, place the design on the shoes and iron them. Ironing the pattern will help you understand the design of the shoes. Then you may color the floral designs with fabric pens.  

You can skip the ironing part to get an imprint of the design if you are confident about directly painting the designs on the shoes. 

3. Paint Your Shoes with Dazzling Glitters 


If you want to give your old shoes a star treatment, get your dazzling glitter paint supplies and fabric pens first. To begin with, first, you may want to create the designs of your choice with the fabric pen and color them as you like. You can also create shapes like stars, hearts, etc., and fill them with glitter paint. It’s easy to make your walk of fame noteworthy. Embellishing the detailing with glitter can make your shoes stand out by giving them extra glam and glitz.  

4. Try Creating Mandala Arts 


Mandala Art on shoes

If you are a mandala art fan, you must also try creating a mandala art design on your shoes. If you are a beginner, you may try to get the mandala art design imprinted on the shoes first, then paint them using fabric pens. Due to the pointed tip of the fabric pen, drawing the mandala art’s intricate designs becomes easier.  

However, if you are an expert at creating mandala artwork, you may start drawing the designs on the shoe directly without an impression. You can either make the art using only a black color fabric pen or achieve a more funky look, and it’s better to use colorful pens. Complete this look by ironing the shoes for a few minutes so that the colors do smudge or go away.  

5. Create A Design and Smudge Them 

Another trending shoe design that you may opt for is a smudging design. Create the outline of the design of your choice on the shoes. For this step, you can use a pencil. Then, once you are satisfied with the design, outline using a black ink fabric pen. Next, start coloring them with different colored fabric pens as you like. To achieve a warm color tone, you may use colors like reds, yellows, oranges, creams, and browns. 

Girl painting sneakers

Similarly, a cool color palette includes muted greens, blues, and grays. Dark colors can give you a vibrant look. Next, use a cotton ball and dip it into alcohol. Using this cotton ball, slowly dab onto the colors. You will see that the colors are slowly smudging, giving it a soft touch. Overall, this pattern will provide the shoes with a tie-dye effect.


Hopefully, these five ideas will help you bring out your creativity. Apply different techniques on different old shoes to match your outfits if you have more than one.  And as you know how to use the old shoes you have in your house, you better think twice before throwing them away.  

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