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Fashion evolves every day: be it couture, jewelry, bags, watches, footwear, or eyewear. With daily fresh styles and emerging trends, people with different traits can behold personalized fashion.

Explicitly speaking, augmented and virtual reality has dramatically changed the landscape of all industries. Now with online shopping, because of augmented virtual reality, you and we can see the final look of ourselves in seconds!

And it stands true for the eyewear industry too. With your unique face & forehead shape, you can match the eyeglasses that blend beautifully using AI tools. But that’s not it. You can check your face looks from all angles after wearing eyeglasses virtually.

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But our concern for this article is superior. We aren’t deeply discussing eyewear technology. Instead, we will reveal five eyewear trends that suit every face shape.

Let’s go.  

1. Aviators  

Without a doubt – aviators are the most versatile and forever-trending eyewear. No matter when we think about buying sunglasses or eyeglasses, aviator is the first idea that pops up naturally. That’s because we have all known the classic aviators for centuries now. Whether for men or women, aviators have always been the top-notch classic choice.  

Aviators specs

The shape of aviator glasses accentuates a person’s facial features regardless of their structure and size. Worth mentioning that aviators are one of the summer essentials. Additionally, now the aviator shape is taking over the reading eyewear choice. Besides aviators, round-shaped eyewear goes well with all face shapes because of its standard appeal.  

2. Geometric Glasses 

Geometrics aren’t ancient like aviators but equally iconic. These glasses come in multiple shapes, from polygonal, hexagonal, and octagonal to trapezoidal. Geometric glasses have a multi-faced design with several vertices. Hence, the final look reflects the sharpness and fierceness of the wearer.  

Geometric Glasses

Another excellent trait of geometric glasses is their thin rims. It adds character to the eyeglass allure and looks elegant. Irrespective of having a round or oval-shaped face, geometric eyeglasses elevate the face structure. So if you are the one to make a style statement through your eyewear, geometric OGI glasses are just for you.

3. Cat-eye Frames  

Confident and captivating – these are the two synonyms of cat-eye frames. The most celebrated cat-eye look is the one with round glasses and an entailed tip to the end. Well, cat-eye is a retro choice for eyewear. But with other emerging trends on Instagram from the 90s, cat-eyes are back in 2023 to stay longer than ever. 

Cat-eye Frame glasses

For those with diamond-shaped or heart-shaped faces, cat eyes help balance the narrow chin. And for those with a round and chubby face, cat-eye highlights the cheekbones under the sharp tips to the top. That said, from bold to balanced, subtle to statement-worthy, and solid to animal prints: there’s a cat eye for everyone.  

4. Rimless Eyewear  

Let’s burst a myth first – rimless glasses are a type and not the shape of eyewear. Following that, rimless glasses come in multiple shapes but don’t have a frame attached to them. And this characteristic makes rimless eyewear super comfortable and lightweight.

Also, rimless glasses are probably only the ones on the list to serve the purpose of spectacles straight while looking crystal clear.

Rimless Eyewear  

Furthermore, rimless glasses have no other elements to hinder the look of their wearer. Hence, you look chic and sophisticated. There are endless shape options with rimless glasses. So you can match exactly your face with any of them. Lastly, you can choose temples to pair with rimless eyewear as per your taste, from gold to wood – you name it.  

5. Wayfarers  

Wayfarers are go-to options for celebrities like Ray Charles, JFK, and Tom Cruise. So why can’t we try them on? Wayfarers deserve a go for many reasons. For starters, wayfarer glasses are versatile and match exceptionally with any outfit, from formal and casual to travel. Secondly, wayfarers provide the best eye protection from UV rays during daytime exposure.  

Wayfarers  eye glasses

At first, wayfarers might appear square to you. But they are rectangular with obtuse-angled outer edges. Similar to aviators, wayfarers are renowned sunglasses style. Today, wayfarers have made considerable room for themselves in the regular eyewear segment because of their versatility, comfort, and appearance. A bonus tip: black wayfarers are extraordinary and unbeatable.  


There are six prominent types of face shapes: 

  • Round 
  • Oval 
  • Square 
  • Heart  
  • Diamond 
  • Triangle 

And there’s a brilliant eyewear style to suit each of them. However, from this article, we can establish that five eyewear are all-rounder and evergreen. You can always try different eyewear styles and see what suits best as per your facial features.  

Whatever style you select for your eyewear, remember one thing it contributes a lot to your face appearance. So the bottom line is to opt for an out-of-the-box style if any trending option doesn’t suit your face.  

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