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Perhaps most people you know think you’re a computer genius, and you’re having a hard time convincing them you’re not. Everyone around you, including friends, family, classmates, or colleagues, run to you whenever they have the slightest tech issue. If that’s you, congratulations, you’re a geek! 

Being a geek can be your superpower, especially in this digital age. Think of the modern-day innovators and under-30 millionaires or CEOs; most made their money in tech. So, you’re probably on your way to something special. 

However, becoming the ultimate tech geek is still a long way to go. You have a lot to learn, and this article will introduce you to five things you should know. 

1. Learn to type super-fast 

keyboard keys

As a geek, many expect you to be able to operate a computer better than the average person. You would be surprised by the look of disappointment on their faces when they see how slowly you type. 

The average typing speed is 40 words per minute. A geek must aim higher, at least 100 words per minute. To achieve this feat, learn how to use keyboard shortcuts. A more practical alternative could be to quit using the generic QWERTY keyboard type. For example, Matt Mullenweg of WordPress uses the Dvorak keyboard; he types 120 words per minute. 

2. Learn new technology 

As a tech geek, you are probably the first person everyone consults for information on IT-related issues. That’s why you must keep updating your knowledge. From business to healthcare, the new technology keeps flooding the market for virtually all sectors. 

Learn how to invent apps, fix gadgets or make money online. Keep an eye on new technology like Blockchain. According to Investopedia, Blockchain can shape the future. 

3. How to surf the internet incognito 

man in black hoodie using phone and laptop

The internet is perhaps the most crowded space in the universe. Although there are safety measures to protect users, it’s safer to use the internet anonymously. There are over 5 billion internet users worldwide, and it’s high time you separated yourself from the rest. Learn how to go incognito online on your phone or any other electronic device. 

4. How to build a website 

Virtually every professional needs a website for personal or business purposes. It would help to know how to build one. Rest assured, it’s no longer as difficult as it used to be. 

Thanks to content management systems like WordPress, you can build a website without knowing how to code. About 43% of the world’s websites are WordPress sites. The best part is that this CMS has unlimited website-building tools you can use for free. 

5. Basic programming 

Coder doing programming 

If you genuinely love computers, then you should step your knowledge up a notch. Learn programming. Many programming gurus have simplified the process so that it doesn’t seem like rocket science. You may start by learning the basics of programming. Programming languages like HTML, Python, JavaScript, and SQL are the best places to start for a beginner. 

Get your geek on! 

There’s never a better time to be one of the tech geeks than the present. Most successful people in the world are tech-savvy. The next step is to learn some vital skills to become the ultimate geek. Now, it’s your time to get your “geek” on! 

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