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There are four main skin types: dry, normal, oily, and combinational. Your skin type is determined by genetics, and its condition can vary according to different internal and external factors. So, when washing your skin, it is vital to understand its type.

It would help to get your face cleansing right because cleansing with the wrong formula can strip the skin’s natural oils away. In most cases, people with dry skin skip facewash as they believe it is the answer to their problems. Just because you have dry skin does not mean it is immune to all; the impurities, dirt, and grime your face gets during the day.

Cleansing dry skin can sometimes cause more harm than good. The skin is a result of low levels of sebum. When the sebaceous glands in the skin are not very active, they produce little oils and dry the skin. You have no control over this process, and most cleansers do not improve it. They are created to remove dirt and oil from your skin and tend to be a little harsh on dry skin, which is already sensitive. This guide will be a great way to understand the type of cleansers you can settle on to avoid these problems. It will unpack the top five ingredients and criteria the face wash needs to meet to be excellent for dry skin.  

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1. Glycolic Acid 

Many skincare acids are available in the market, but none comes close to the universally accepted effective glycolic acid.  

AHA or alpha-hydroxy acid is obtained from sugarcane and offers various benefits working on different skin layers. Glycolic is one of the most potent alpha-hydroxy acids that help exfoliate superficially while at the same time stimulating the production of collagen. It is an excellent way to even out the skin tone and deal with fading spots while promoting smooth lines in the long haul. 

So using a glycolic acid exfoliating cleansers will have unique benefits on your skin. It is the golden standard of AHA and has excellent hydrating properties for dry skin. In fact, it can be your best bet if you want to minimize the risk of irritation. 

2. Hyaluronic Acid 

If you have been keen on taking care of your skin, chances are hyaluronic acid is not a new term. This is a complex sugar found in the skin and gives it plumpness and hydration. And despite being naturally found in the skin, dry and dehydrated skin can benefit from it. This is why using products with this acid on your dry skin is vital.  

Hyaluronic acid ensures that you have a gentle and hydrating cleansing experience. The moisture-locking and purifying features help keep dry skin hydrated and fresh. You will remove any skin-dulling dead cells while keeping the moisture barrier intact.  

The acid profoundly cleanses your skin, leaving it smooth, glowing, and soft. It also balances the moisture and sebum levels on the skin. Using products with acid will give your complexion a radiance boost.  

3. Glycerin 

Having dry skin isn’t fun and games. And while there is no magic to heal this type of skin, glycerin is one ingredient you want to have in your cleanser. 

Glycerin is a sweet thick syrup obtained from the saponification of fats. It is utilized in soaps and cleansers since it can reduce oily skin. However, it is a humectant meaning it attracts water to the skin, making it excellent for dry skin. Also, it is non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog the pores. It is excellent in cleansers since it works overtime to maintain the skin’s moisture and prevent any dryness or irritation during the cleaning process.

Glycerin on the hand

4. Ceramides Cleansers

Ceramides protect the skin and prevent its dryness. Additionally, they make up 30% to 40% of the epidermis or the outer layer of the skin.  

These lipids are essential for retaining the moisture of your skin and preventing the entry of germs into the body. If the ceramide content of your skin becomes low, it becomes dehydrated. You face the risk of irritation and dryness. 

By applying cleansers with ceramides, you help your skin restore its normal ceramide levels and improve its health. You will strengthen your skin barrier and prevent water loss, so you can be assured cleansers with ceramide as an ingredient will be fantastic for your skin.  

5. Niacinamide 

Niacinamides have been the talk of the beauty industry for quite a while. It is an ingredient that can enhance the skin texture and the protective barrier function of the skin. It increases natural lipids on the skin’s surface and lowers water loss, so you no longer have to worry about dry skin. 

Niacinamide Cleansers


Knowing cleansers that works for you can take your beauty routine to the next level. You do not have to fret because you have dry skin; there are cleansers for you out there. Consider the above factors in products and be patient. You can also speak to a dermatologist if you are concerned with the appearance of your skin.  

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