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Kids playing and exploring adventure day and night is no surprise. It’s a part of their growing up and lets them discover meaningful things in their growing years. Sometimes, minor falls and injuries can happen during play and interaction time with fellow kids, family members, and pets. Even seasonal changes and weather troubles can make kids prone to cough, sneeze, fever, and stomach problems as their immune system fails to protect them.

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Although timely medication can help bring your little ones back on their toes, there are meaningful ways to build on your child’s immunity. Encouraging cleanliness and hygiene in your child are noteworthy steps to help reduce the frequency of your child falling ill. Here are some powerful immune system-boosting habits that parents should start to keep their children healthy and strong.

1. Keep Your Child’s Gut Healthy

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Children often shy away from foods rich in microflora, such as yogurt and aged cheese. These foods can add good bugs to your child’s gastrointestinal tract and make digestion easy. Bacteria are mostly mistaken as bad for health. Your body needs certain beneficial bacteria to ease digestion, better nutrient absorption, and battle bad bacteria that make you sick.

Our body has a germs community called microbiomes made of good and bad bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Good to bad germ imbalances can trigger infections and illnesses. Probiotics contain live and good bacteria and may play a role in keeping your child’s microbiome healthy. Consider recipes with probiotics for children to help treat potential inflammatory bowel disease.  

2. Make Nap Time A Priority

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Kids are a bundle of energy. But their abundant enthusiasm makes them go slow on quality sleep. Research shows that adequate sleep is essential for health and affects our mental and physical functioning the next day It also increases our ability to fight disease and build immunity.

Focus on activities to establish and maintain a healthy sleep pattern in children. Make a routine for your teenage kids, such as having a bath and reading some books or involving them in any other quiet activity before sleep. Reduce sugary treats in the evening for your young kids and keep dim lights in their bedroom to induce sleep 

3. Serve Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables

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Nutrient-dense foods have essential nutrients to boost a child’s immune system and help them fight germs and pollen. Feed your children a range of colorful fruits and vegetables that give taste and health advantages. A bowl of berries like strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and blueberries is nutrition-high and packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals in the body and strengthen your child’s immunity. Include carrots, beans, spinach, lemon, oranges, and apples regularly in your child’s diet.   

Some kids may be allergic to berries. So, keep a watch on the berries’ serving portion. Alternatively, you may add berries in yogurt or puddings to provide a balanced diet to your moody child. Make winter-appropriate vegetable soups for your child and pack garden-fresh vegetable salads in a tiffin box throughout the year to build immunity.  

4. Emphasize Regular Exercise

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Exercise can boost the immune system in children. It improves their body and brain activity and is good for their muscles and joints. Get your kid to take up different exercises like running, jogging, biking, resistance training, dancing, and yoga to keep the limbs active and build immunity. Give your child a variety of exercise options in and near the home. Set aside a specific time during the day for your child to take up indoor or outdoor play individually or with friends.

Encourage loud dance music in the house during your child’s exercise time to help your schooler willingly take up physical movements and workouts. Play suitable exercise videos on the internet to make your child pick up indoor activity training, basketball dribbling, aerobics, martial exercise, dance, and yoga. 

5. Stick To Child Vaccination Schedule

Kids are vulnerable to illnesses. The ongoing pandemic has put kids at risk of diseases that may affect their immune system. Be particular about getting your child polio, chicken pox, flu, measles, typhoid, and tetanus shots to strengthen their immunity from an early age. It will help fight off dangerous pathogens.

If you are confused about the child vaccination schedule, consult a pediatrician for advice. Know how vaccinations work and what vaccinations are vital for your growing child. Stay up-to-date on vaccinations because a healthy child starts with a fit parent! 

Wrapping Up

Guard your child against germ spread by insisting on regular hand wash. Pay attention to their hygiene before and after meals, pet play, nose blowing, arriving from daycare, and bathroom use. Give them disposable wipes for quick clean-ups and colorful hand towels and soap in fun shapes and scents to make them hygiene-responsible in their childhood. Automatic hand soap dispensers will get them excited about hand-washing. Encourage your child to wear a face mask to prevent germ spread and prevent catching the latest pandemic strain.

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