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Studying and studying without play makes your son a dull and bored boy. It is beneficial to encourage your kids to be active and explore the world around them. Adventure Games can enhance children’s creativity, boost their morale, improve communication, and grow their problem-solving skills. Adventure games help kids unveil their inner explorer and provide hours of play.

Your role is to guide them through their adventure. Your supervision helps them maintain their focus, allowing them an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Also, you must pick the best games that will not withdraw them from moral and social values.

Group of kids playing with sticks

Here are six adventure games your kids will enjoy.

1. Camping Mama

Outdoor Adventure games teach children the importance of nature as they have fun. Camping Mama teaches your kids to take on the role of camping experts and explore various activities, including fishing, swimming, rock climbing, and swinging on vines. Such exercises help them develop problem-solving skills, concentration, and physical strength. The last one is only achievable when you take this game into the real world.

Once your kids learn to complete various tasks, you can plan actual camping trips for them. It will open opportunities for them to practice what they learn from the games. But you would need various supplies to ensure they have a safe and memorable experience. Outdoor kids boxes will complete the mission and help you get the required tools for your kids’ camping trip.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Kids playing Scavenger Hunt

This game involves finding various items in an outdoor setting. It can be a neighborhood park, beach, or backyard. You create a list of things to look for, and your kids will go and try to locate them. This real-world search will help them develop problem-solving skills and enhance their observation. Also, it will allow them to explore their environment and understand it better.

One advantage of this game is that it is not limited to age. Adults will also find it fun and a way for families to bond. You can also combine this game with other outdoor activities, such as bike riding or walking. That will help enhance physical exercises as you teach your kids new skills.

3. Corre, Corre la Guaraca

Invented in Chile, this game involves playing in a circle. Have five or more kids sit on the ground, making a big circle. One will have a handkerchief and run outside the circumference. No kid is allowed to look back. If they do, they will be out. Whoever is holding the cloth drops it behind them, and the person it falls behind has to stand up quickly and start a chase.

The person with the cloth will try to run around the circle and be the first to get to their original spot. The one chasing must try to catch them before they can reach the goal. This game is ideal for enhancing coordination skills and physical activity. The kid loses if he fails to recognize that the handkerchief is behind him after the running kid completes a cycle.

4. Pilolo

Another exciting game from Ghana. Gather your kids (and your neighbors) and appoint a leader and a timekeeper. Then use pennies, stones, sticks, or anything unique you can find as the objects the kids will locate. The kids stand in a line facing away from the leader, who hides the items. Then he shouts, “Pilolo!” (Start searching).

The timekeeper will start the timer. Each kid will run and search for the marbles and take them back to the leader. The timekeeper records the points according to the time spent. The game continues by changing the leader and timekeeper until your kids get tired. The winner is the one with the highest points.

5. Skippyroo Kangaroo

Multiple pair of shoes in a circle

Kids can learn many things about Australia. This game is not about kangaroos – it is a name they use related to how they play it. Get between six and 25 children to sit in a circle. Ask one of them to get into the middle. Then he closes his eyes as the others start singing, “Skippyroo, kangaroo, dozing in the midday sun, comes a hunter. Run, run, run.” Ask one child to tap the kid in the middle and say, “Guess who caught you.”

The “Kangaroo” identifies the person tapping him. The first one they correctly guess wins the game and takes their place in the middle of the circle. This game will help your children identify each other by voice, pay attention, and increase their reaction time. It also encourages trust, laughter, and social skills.

6. Tinybop

No access to a park or beach? No problem. Computers and tablets can still help kids learn. Tinybop is a kids’ game bundle app aiming to teach kids about animal anatomy, space, and the human body. It is a colorful app that appeals to children’s sense of exploration and discovery.

Kids can learn about the solar system, the animal kingdom, and how their organs work. They can explore how different instruments make sounds or play with light and shadows. That will help your kids advance their studies while schools are closed.


Playing Adventure games can enhance your children’s physical, digital, and social skills. Various traditional and modern games are available for different ages. They can help your kids learn about their local cultures, practice coordination skills, and improve physical strength. Choose the best game you can enjoy together to ensure an engaging and meaningful experience for your kids.

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