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Your tie and pocket square should never be the same design or fabric you intend to supplement. Use colors, patterns, textures, and styles to elevate your look. 

When accessorizing their look, men frequently make the mistake of matching their tie and pocket square. Everything is the same, including the fabric and design. It’s too matchy-matchy. Too secure. Never fashionable. Today, we’ll cover how to match your tie correctly, saving you years of embarrassment. 

1. Silk-Noise-Pocket-Square-Blue 


Once a Day is a Swedish lifestyle brand that offers custom suits and shirts, Italian and Japanese denim, and socks. Additionally, they also design a pocket-square blue. They created the brand with sophisticated minimalism, bold decisions, Swedish design heritage, and the pursuit of the perfect moment in mind. Once a Day’s signature style is defined by meticulous attention to detail and innovative fabrics paired with a great fit. Their customers are confident that they are wearing items that have been carefully sourced and designed specifically for them and their needs. 

2. Berkshire Abstract Silk Tie, Grey / Red 

This stylish ensemble has a lovely monochromatic look. The gray and floral silk tie creates a monochromatic and neutral look, with the red (a darker variant of pink) perfectly providing a solid neutral match with the light gray shirt. The burgundy pocket-square and red lapel flower add to the elegant monochromatic look. 

The abstract silk tie and pocket-square look fantastic with the solid light pink shirt and light gray suit, with the closely held herringbone pocket-square pattern perfectly balancing the wider-spaced foulard / floral silk tie. 

In terms of tonality, the higher tonality tie complements the light shirt and the medium tonality pocket-square. The silk tie,  and lapel flower perfectly complement the light cotton shirt and woolen suit. The above ensemble can be worn all year and is extremely versatile, but it would be especially lovely in the spring and summer due to the lighter-colored shirt and pocket-square. 

3. Glastonbury Circles Burgundy 

Circles Burgundy Pocket Square

The blue pocket square perfectly complements the burgundy tie and blue shirt combination, which reflects a triadic scheme. 

The floral-patterned pocket square and foulard silk tie perfectly complement the solid blue shirt and black suit. The pocket square’s wider pattern proportion (spacing) balances out the silk foulard tie’s smaller pattern proportion. The higher tonal pocket square (contrasting navy, light blue, white, and burgundy elements) goes well with the medium tonal tie, solid shirt, and suit. 

This dapper ensemble is a textural masterclass, with the silk tie, linen pocket square,  and metallic tie bar pairing exquisitely against the cotton shirt and high-quality woolen suit. The above ensemble strikes the ideal balance of shirts, suits, ties, and accessories for all-year wear. This elegant ensemble is appropriate for work, a business presentation, a meeting, or a night out with friends. The overall textural balance, combined with its elegance, contributes to a versatile, all-year look. 

4. Baldwin Grey w/ Blue 

This exquisite ensemble creates an exquisite yet refined appearance. The white shirt, blue knitted silk tie, and navy-blue plaid suit create the ideal monochromatic look, with the blue tie complementing the larger plaid navy suit. With the gray, the paisley/foulard motif pocket square adds a neutral element, but the hints of blue add to the monochromatic look. 

This ensemble works exceptionally well in terms of pattern. The navy plaid suit perfectly works in pattern scale from the solid items below, with the solid knitted silk tie and shirt providing a minimalistic base. The paisley/foulard motif pocket square adds pattern variation and proportion to the navy plaid suit’s wider spacing. 

In terms of tonality, the tie pops against the plain shirt, while the higher tonality pocket square contrasts nicely with the medium tonality suit. This piece is a textural masterclass. The knitted silk tie, woolen suit, linen pocket square, and cotton shirt all provide textural balance to a textually balanced tie, shirt, suit, and pocket square combination. This is an excellent look for a wedding or cocktail reception and the next dinner party you attend. You can wear this outfit to work if you replace the knitted silk tie with a regular silk tie. 

5. Amherst multicolored 

Amherst multicolored pocket sqaure

This sophisticated look features a bluish-green tie against a white shirt and a gray suit. Because gray and white are both neutral colors, this creates a neutral color scheme. On the other hand, the blue and yellow in the pocket square form part of a triadic color scheme with the tie, providing contrast. The multicolored lapel flower contributes to a strong triadic color scheme, with burgundy, mustard yellow, and navy contrasting beautifully with the tie. 

The tie’s subtle plaid pattern complements the solid shirt, while the heavier patterned pocket square adds balance. 

While the shirt, tie, and suit jacket have a lighter tonality, the pocket square’s slightly heavier tonality and the lapel flower’s strong tonality give this ensemble an elegant yet strong look. The lapel flower color schemes and pocket square add enough interest to balance out the more subdued tie, shirt, and jacket combinations. The woolen plaid tie contrasts nicely with the shirt, silk pocket square, presumably woolen jacket, and felt textured lapel pin. The colors, patterns, and textures mentioned above create an ensemble that can be worn all year long in various settings and functions. 

6. Avon Stripes Skinny Silk Tie 

The blue pocket square perfectly complements the pink tie (triadic) and navy jacket, creating an elegant triadic/monochromatic color scheme (monochromatic color scheme). The light blue pocket square provides an elegant finishing touch with more substantial royal blue hand-rolled contrasting edges. 

The solid white shirt and navy-blue jacket contrast beautifully with the striped tie’s pattern, and the pocket square’s logo gives the rest of the outfit a pleasing aesthetic harmony. It’s important to note that the four-point fold of the Pocket Square adds visual intrigue and interest. 

A stronger tonal tie contrasts with a low tonal, low tonal jacket and low-tonal pocket square in this shirt, tie, and accessory set. The cotton jacket, shirt, and linen pocket square add texture to the silk tie. This silk tie is complemented in texture by the cotton jacket, cotton shirt, and linen pocket square. The above ensemble features a shirt, tie, and accessories combination that can be worn in a formal or casual setting, preferably during the spring and summer due to the blue pastel and lighter pink hues of the tie and pocket square. 


Coordination between ties and squares is easy if you consider both in terms of color, pattern, and style. There is science and art to make the perfect combination, but confidence and the right circumstances can overrule any of these “rules.” If in doubt. Usually, an all-white square works well. White pocket squares, for the most part, go with every jacket, tie color, and combination. With a white pocket square, you can never go wrong. Overall, try new things and have fun. 

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