Soy Milk and raw form

Soy milk is a popular drink because of its many health benefits. Many people use soy-milk to substitute dairy milk due to its ingredients. Soy is a worthwhile addition to the daily diet to achieve a meal full of nutrients. In short, it contains the nutrients of a balanced diet

Soy milk was first considered a waste product of tofu. But today, soy has become a natural substitute for buffalo milk containing excess fat. This milk is a product of soybeans, and health-conscious people are tapping the nutrient. Also, it is lactose-free, making it a good option for lactose-intolerant people.  

Here are some reasons you should include soy in your diet. 

1. An Incredible Source of Protein 

Soy contains one of the purest forms of protein and is highly concentrated. The National Institutes of Health (NIS) recommends soy as a fighter against LDL bad cholesterol. The USDA suggests that a cup of soy milk without any sweetener contains 7g of protein, measuring up to a glass of two-percent dairy milk of 8g of proteins.  

foods with high amount of protien

In addition, soy has nine essential amino acids the body requires, unlike other plant-based proteins that contain a few. The amino acid in soy is used as new proteins in the body – antibodies – for purifying the immune system function. Soy from brands like U.S. soy is best to al keep the body tissue together via structural proteins and to produce energy. 

2. It May Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer in Women 

Soy food contains a phytoestrogen known as isoflavones which is assumed to increase the risk of breast cancer. However, the research has become a myth, according to the American Cancer Society, concluding that drinking a cup of soy milk does not increase breast cancer. 

Instead, it reduces the risk of breast cancer, according to their 2020 research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. 

3. It Balances Body Hormones 

Soy milk contains phytoestrogens that perform similar functions as the hormone estrogen in the human body. Many people believe soy milk has a negative effect and increases phytoestrogen in assigned male at birth (AMAB) patients.

Balanced Body Hormones

Rather, the isoflavones in the milk balance the estrogen level in people with AMAB. In addition, it has no effect on testosterone levels in the body. However, incorporating soy milk into your diet reduces the risk of prostate cancer, as stated by Oregon State University.

4. It Contains a High Concentration of Iron and Calcium 

People with weak bones can get calcium and iron from drinking soy milk. The body uses calcium to maintain strong and dense bone tissues. However, when you lack calcium, the body begins to extract from the bones leading to weak or lower bone density.

A bowl of unsweetened soy milk will add 301 mg of calcium to your body, making up to 30% daily calcium requirement by the NIH. On the other hand, iron helps in building and repairing red blood vessels. It increases the function of red blood cells by circulating oxygen to all the body tissues. A soy milk meal adds 1.1mg of iron to your daily diet.

5. It Boasts Riboflavin and Vitamin B12 

If you seek vitamin B-complex and other vitamins, soy milk is the fastest lane to follow. The milk is rich in riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin B12. Vitamine B12 is required for DNA cell production, increases red blood cell activities, and maintains healthy nerves.

A bowl of soy milk gives you 2.7mg of vitamin B12, keeping you above the 2.4mg daily requirement. On the other hand, cells get their energy from consuming riboflavin in soy milk. It also helps in keeping DNA from damaging. You get 5g of riboflavin from every daily cup of soy milk, giving you 50% of the recommended daily amount.

How to Add Soy Milk to Your Diet? 

Add Soy Milk to Your Diet

Soy milk is popular on the market, in grocery stores, food stores, restaurants, etc. You can also prepare soy milk at home. To do so, measure ten ounces of soybeans and soak them overnight. The following day, put the beans to boil in twelve cups of water for about ten minutes. Drop the soybeans and blend them to smooth. Put the blended soy back on fire for forty minutes. You can drop it and add sweetener, salt, or sugar. After simmering the soybeans, filter the blended mixture to eliminate the solid ones. Afterward, you can serve it for drinking or store it for later use. You can also: 

  • Prepare soy milk with a smoothie 
  • Prepare soy milk with coffee 
  • Prepare soy milk with cereal 
  • Add soy milk as curry 
  • Prepare soy milk with bechamel 

Precautions to Take with Soy Milk 

However, soy milk can be unhealthy for some people with certain conditions. Here are some conditions to remember before attempting soy milk as a diet. 

  • People with thyroid are advised to avoid soy milk. The milk can worsen health issues, making it detrimental. 
  • The milk is not for babies. Soy milk is harmful to premature babies. In such cases, consult your doctor before feeding soy milk to a baby. 
  • Soy milk may also cause a negative interaction with other drugs. For example, it reacts with warfarin reducing its strength and metabolism.
Man holding two bottles of packed soy milk


Finally, soy milk has many health benefits for daily living. The milk is the surest affordable replacement for dairy milk. However, ensure you are not having any medical condition with an adverse reaction to soy milk. To be on the err side, talk to your doctor about your soy milk diet routine before starting.  

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