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Workplace drug testing is becoming more common because of its benefits. Many companies are implementing pre-employment and random drug screening to protect employees and enhance productivity. However, despite its long history, the subject and drug testing in the workplace is controversial for business owners. Many business managers don’t know where to stand with varying opinions on balancing workplace safety and employee privacy. This article looks at the benefits of conducting drug testing in the workplace you should know. 

1. Promote a safe and healthy workplace 

Man working in factory with proper safety

Workers who use drugs pose a safety risk in the workplace. This is true for safety-sensitive tasks like dealing with risky chemicals or running heavy machinery. For example, employees who come to work intoxicated can quickly become a dangerous situation. About 10% of US workers involved in fatal on-the-job accidents test positive for illicit drugs or alcohol.  

A comprehensive Pittsburgh drug testing program enhances the organization’s job safety. It can help reduce on-the-job accidents and keep the business environment safe. Employers are responsible for keeping workers, customers, and the public safe as they are liable if an accident occurs. Accidents can happen if employees do the job while high on drugs. 

Drug use also impairs a worker’s judgment, alertness, and motor coordination, which puts them at risk of causing accidents. A drug testing program can encourage employees to make responsible decisions about their drug use. It will discourage employees from abusing drugs, which can help reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace. You can maintain a safe workplace free from tragic accidents by identifying drug users in the workplace. 

2. Increase productivity 

Drunk employee on the ground

Employees won’t perform at their best when under the influence of alcohol. Most people would be uncomfortable when workers come to work drunk, while employees who come to work high on illegal drugs will be unproductive. Drug use also leads to frequent absenteeism or getting late for work. 

The solution is to conduct and implement a drug testing program. It will show how dedicated employers are to offering a safe and secure working environment that can enhance staff morale. This is important in increasing productivity as a clear head means better motor coordination. 

Drug use leads to tardiness, loss of focus, sleeping on the job, and poor decision-making. A drug testing program can help reduce unscheduled leave, absences, delays, and employee turnover. Its primary goal is to improve the business and not punish employees. Explaining this benefit to employees would contribute to a safe, healthy, and more productive workplace. Promoting a healthy choice among employees creates a more positive and productive working environment. Employees should understand what happens if they come to work drunk. 

3. Promotes proper work culture  

proper work culture

Regular drug testing encourages increased responsibility among employees. Employees won’t report to work with visible hangovers, and the bathroom won’t smell like a pot. This practice will deter employees from using drugs while at work. The possibility of a random drug test is a deterrent to irresponsible habits.  

Once employees know they can be tested at any time resulting in disciplinary action or termination, they will think twice about using drugs. No one will choose to lose their jobs over recreational drugs. It fosters a positive corporate culture since employees who come to work drunk can hurt morale. 

Use drug testing to identify employees who need help. The organization can provide support if an employee fails a drug test by offering mental health counseling and drug rehabilitation programs. 

4. Reduces liability costs 

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Businesses often face high exposure to liability due to drug-related work accidents. Occupation studies indicate that drug abuse costs employees over $80 billion annually in increased healthcare costs, risks of legal liability, and compensation costs. Employees with drug problems have high medical costs. Any employee injured on the job can claim worker’s compensation for medical bills and cover lost wages.  

You can reduce liability costs by proving that the employee is a drug user and likely the cause of the accident. It can help lower workers’ compensation exposure and protect the company from damaging lawsuits. 

Individuals struggling with drug addiction may not seek help right away. Through drug screening, you can identify workers with drug-related issues and offer a rehabilitative program. This can help curb health problems and reduce accidents in the workplace. Since employees are liable if they fail to provide a safe working environment, they must take all measures to reduce liability costs.

5. Stable workforce 

Stable workforce in the office

Working under the influence can destabilize a work environment. Since employee morale is a key performance indicator for business success, employers should prioritize it. A business manager can identify issues before they turn serious. 

Conducting a drug test prevents hiring individuals who use drugs. The drug screening done before a new hire starts working helps cut ties with a candidate who fails a drug screen. This helps establish a stable workforce yet will deliver the business goals.  

Through pre-employment drug screening, you can reduce volatility and show a reasonable effort to mitigate problems. The company should explain to candidates why they are conducting drug screening before hiring them. Testing and employee education can support a safer workforce, reducing injuries, accidents, and workers’ compensation claims. 

Bottom line 

People struggling with a substance abuse disorder will often deny a drug problem. However, drug abuse is a problem with a direct and profound negative impact on the workplace. Since employers must keep employees safe and productive, a drug testing program helps create an effective, positive, and comfortable work environment. It’s a great approach if there are drug users in your workplace to prevent injuries.

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