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One great way to keep your guests happy is by offering top-notch beverages. While you can offer juices and mojitos, the ultimate choice would be whiskey cocktails. By choosing the right ones, they can perfectly complement nighttime events, summer festivities such as graduation parties, and more.

Instead of any complex cocktails, you need simple and easy to prepare whiskey cocktails that will leave your guests demanding more. Next time you throw a party, ensure you have the best cocktails by selecting one of the whiskey cocktail recipes given here.

1. Sweet martini cocktails 

One of the most popular whiskeys is the bird dog whiskey. This brand produces a variety of whiskeys with different flavors, such as peach, cherry berries, vanilla, and honey. If you are hosting a celebratory party for work colleagues or club members, bird dog whiskey cocktails will be necessary for the night.

Sweet martini whiskey cocktails 

The ingredients include bird dog whiskey (Favorite flavor), amaretto, vanilla vodka, and lemon juice. You can begin by adding the whiskey to a shaker, then an amaretto. You can also add vanilla vodka and lemon juice, then shake vigorously. You can serve it in the best martini glasses with some ice cubes. Garnish with lemon or mint. The whiskey can also be ideal for night parties.  

2. Cold fashioned whiskey 

This is one of the simplest whiskey cocktails to make for the party. It is one of the best party cocktails to welcome your guests and set the mood for the night or the party. The cold and chilling effects are also due to lemon and ice cubes. You can also boost the taste by garnishing with orange zest or peel. The whiskey recipe is standard, but you can easily modify it to meet your interest. Despite being over 200 years old, it remains one of the favorite cocktails for whiskey lovers; therefore, you should make it a priority when hosting a party.  

The ingredients include bourbon whiskey, sugar cube, orange peel, and Angostura bitters. The sugar cubes are sweeteners; you can use the syrups without the cubes. If you love other options, you can garnish it with lemon peel and cocktail cherry. This whiskey is best referred to as bittersweet since you can boost the taste by increasing ingredients suitable for sweetness or bitterness.  

Cold fashioned whiskey 

3. Whiskey smash 

This cocktail is one of the oldest whiskey cocktails and has existed since 1880, the Victorian era. It is ideal for parties because you can use any whiskey. Other ingredients include lemon, mint, and sweeteners served over crushed ice. This drink is ideal for summer parties due to its chilling effects.  

The recipe is simple; you can prepare it by muddling the lemon wedges in a shaker. Next, add bourbon whiskey, syrup, mint leaves, and ice, then shake well until it is chilled. Add ice cubes to a glass, then garnish with a mint sprig.  

Hosting a party and planning for all the meals and drinks can be expensive; hence you need to cut costs while ensuring you maintain the quality of the drinks. This cocktail can be ideal for cost saving since it requires only a few ingredients. You do not need the help of a professional bartender to prepare the cocktail. 

4. Dry Manhattan  

When preparing for guests or parties, you need to make the ingredients fewer to avoid the burden of increased expenses and the burden of mixing all the ingredients. This will be one of the whiskey you should consider due to the limited number of ingredients, i.e., bourbon whiskey, dry vermouth, and lemon twist. 

 This whiskey can appeal to anyone who attends the party, saving you the burden of customizing the whiskies for everyone. The proportion of the ingredients you use will depend on the desired taste. You can either make it sweeter by increasing vermouth concentration or bitter by increasing the concentration of bitters. You are free to get creative and add other ingredients, such as scotch. 

Dry Manhattan  

5. Mint Julep 

The whiskey cocktail originates in South America and remains one of the most popular drinks for parties. It is also suitable for summer parties due to the extensive use of mint, ice cubes, and lemons, making it chilling for hot occasions.  

The ingredients for the cocktail include mint leaves, bourbon, and sugar. To reduce the number of elements you need, you can buy a mint-infused syrup; you also have the freedom to use hibiscus syrup to boost the attest. Here is a simple guideline for preparing the drink.

Add 3 to 4 mint leaves to your glass, followed by mint-infused simple syrup. Muddle for about a minute, then add bourbon whiskey. Fill the glass with ice cubes, add some hibiscus syrup, and then garnish with mint to enjoy. Suppose you are hosting a party with mixed guests (alcohol and non-alcoholic); this cocktail will be necessary since the whiskey concentration is lower and minimized by the mint concentration.

Mint Julep Whiskey Cocktails

6. Whiskey sour 

Nobody can tell the exact origins of this whiskey cocktail,  but it has existed for centuries. This whisk was first prepared in the 18th century but has undergone different modifications by different bartenders. You can use any whiskey to prepare this cocktail. The basic ingredients for the whiskey include whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar. The preparation process is as simple as mixing all these ingredients and then shaking until uniformly mixed.  

Other versions include citrus juice, whiskey cocktails, spirits, and white eggs. After mixing, add to the glass with ice cubes and garnish with either of the following: lemon rind, orange slice, and maraschino cherry. The garnishing is optional since the drink is perfect with or without the garnish. 


To show that you are the best host, you must prepare the most memorable whiskey cocktail for your guests. While you may not provide all the discussed cocktails, you can select one or two, follow the recipe guidelines and add some personal touch to leave a lasting impression. You need to serve these cocktails only at parties where the guest are of legal drinking age. 

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