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Receiving alcohol as a gift is appreciated by alcohol lovers any time of the year. It is much more appreciated during the festive season, holidays, and parties. For those who love it, a party without alcohol is dull and must be filled with glasses of good wine and well-curated drinks. 

While Alcohol Gift looks easier because of the hundreds of brands in liquor pharmacies and stores, you need to be very keen, especially with people’s fine tastes. They will appreciate your effort and kind thoughts of gifting, but it is something else if the gift is out of their experience and beautifully packaged. It is also important to understand the legal framework, especially when making shipments—alcohol shipments require someone above the age of 21 to sign for delivery. 

Here are nine trendy alcohol gift ideas for the modern connoisseur:

1. A Well Curated Whiskey Basket

While the value of the gift and the thought of gifting means a lot to many people, for many, the adage “”the bigger, the better”” is real for most people. A huge bundle with carefully chosen sets of alcoholic drinks and well-done wine will melt the heart of every alcohol lover. You can solve your gifting dilemmas by ordering a well-curated whiskey alcohol gift basket. The basket has an option for custom design, allowing you to choose what should be included. You can choose what they love the most and ensure it is included.

2. Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky

If you think of a special drink ready to be enjoyed straight, it is Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky. As precious as it is, it can still be mixed into cocktails, making it a crowd-pleaser. The freedom to mix it to taste makes it a good gifting idea for drinkers with fine taste and yet adventurous enough to mix a few options. 

3. Rodney Strong Reserve Me For Last

Rodney Strong Reserve Me For Last is an amazing gifting idea for people in love with Red wine. As the name suggests, it will be best for last as it is extremely refined and a great way to finalize a drinking party. Specially formulated to highlight three 2018 varieties—24-months aged Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and a late harvest bottled Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon—it brings a fine taste highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Buying them as a pack will help you save some bucks.

4. Bondle Wines/alcohol Gift Pack

Bondle wine is direct-to-consumer wine and has been in the market since Chef Duyen Ha launched Magnum Wine Company. A bottle of Bondle wine occasionally differs, with special efforts to emulate seasonal relevance. A pack of Bondles wine will be perfect for gifting someone anytime. The gift pack, usually a set of five bottles, is featured in such a way that accommodates the interest of diverse individuals making it ideal for a party alcohol gift. 

5. Cratejoy Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Subscription

The consistency of gifting is important to many people. Cratejoy Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Subscription allows you to order monthly gifts of various tastes that can be mixed at home or a party. You can make a one-time order, quarterly or monthly. With wines and alcoholic drinks, the more, the better, making a subscription plan an overwhelmingly beautiful gift idea. 

It comes with other recipes like syrups, garnishes, juices, and herbs, enabling tipplers to explore.

6. Diplomatico Ambassador Rum

Sometimes, people do not just want to drink and quench the urge. Besides enjoying their favorite drink, they want to instill a sense of importance around them. There is no better way to do that than with a bottle of Diplomatico Ambassador Rum. Aged consistently for 12 years in white oak barrels before additional two years in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, Diplomatico Ambassador Rum comes with its flavors optimized. 

7. A package of ”Own Your Own Napa Vine”

What is more exciting than owning your own winery and getting a continuous supply of wine whenever you want it? You give someone this by gifting them an Own Your Own Napa Vine. The package allows them a one-year ownership of a vineyard in Napa Valley. 

8. Uncle Nearest Gift Set

wine Gift Set

Gifting people of a different generation can be tricky. What you think is ultramodernist and on the trend may not be special to them. For instance, if you want to gift an uncle, a bottle of Uncle Nearest Uncle Nearest Gift Set would come with some special attachment to their generation. Two bottles of Uncle Nearest will always mean everything to the uncles. 

9. Vinebox 12 Nights Of Wine

. Apart from fine wine, adventure is special to many people. Twelve nights of drinking one’sone’s favorite wine is not too much during holidays, with a little more time to spare. Vinebox 12 Nights Of Wine affords wine lovers adventurous nights of fun with fine wine to smoothen every passing minute with savory lunch and everything sweet, including hard cheeses, nuts, and snacks. 


Alcohol gift ideas look so wide, but that does not necessarily make it easier. Instead of gifting people your favorite drink, you should go with their tastes and preferences. You should consider the budget and only go for something you can afford. There are various options including subscription plans, one-time offers, and even packages that come with owning a winery. Whatever you settle on, ensure it will mean a lot to the person being gifted. 

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