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Every business needs qualified employees to accomplish its goals. However, the hiring process isn’t always easy, mainly if you are looking for specific traits. Once you post your job advert, you will most likely get hundreds of applicants who all seem qualified. How do you sort them? How do you reduce bias in the process? Hiring through diversity and inclusion has become a trend for top firms nowadays, as job seekers want an all-inclusive employer. Keep reading to learn more about diversity hiring and the top five tricks to apply for a Unified Team.

Hiring Through Diversity and Inclusion Explained

Diversity hiring refers to the procedures taken to reduce biases in the hiring process. When you use this practice, you hire new people without considering their physical appearance, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, or even religion.

The hiring process solely focuses on what skills the employee will bring to work and not on their background. If you intend to hire through diversity recruiting, you won’t check the socioeconomic levels of the applicants, age, and other characteristics that define the person.

Diversity hiring is important as it helps bring more skills to work and can improve overall business productivity. Besides, three out of every four employees enjoy working in diverse environments.

How to Hire a Unified Team in Diversity and Inclusion

Consider the following practices to embrace diversity and hire a more unified, well-performing team in your firm.

1. Show Diversity in Your Job Ads

The first step to ensuring diversity in your workplace is to use diverse techniques when posting for job applications. Even as you consider the SCHADS award basics regarding employee wages, you should make your job posting diverse, clearly highlighting what you want. 

Here are helpful tips for hiring the most unified team through your job postings.

  • Use Diverse Words

Your choice of words plays a vital role when hiring. If you need to avoid bias in the post, avoid the specific words that imply you need people from a certain race, gender, or social class. However, if you look forward to hiring a certain gender, for instance, men, be specific and mention why men would be a great fit for the opposition. 

  • Show Workplace Diversity

Potential applications may want to know if you already have a diverse culture in your work. Therefore, you can attach a photo or video of your diverse current employees working together well. A good photo or video will show people that you embrace diversity, and you will most likely attract the right candidates.

2. Show Diversity in Job Screening

Hiring success through inclusion doesn’t only rely on job posting but on the screening process as well! How do you sort the job applicants you want without bias? The first vital step is to use the blind resumes technique. In this concept, the recruiter ignores the applicant’s personal details, including the name, gender, age, area of birth, and so on. They only focus on the skills and contact the qualifying applicants.

Another technique is to automate the screening process. For instance, you can have a program that reviews CVs and sends written interviews to the applicants without relying on their details. The program helps filter some parameters you don’t want to use, which can help you hire a more unified team.

3. Get Connections through Your Diverse Employees

Do you already have a diverse and Unified team in your company? If yes, you can use the existing employees to help secure others. Nearly 84% of companies use employee referrals in their recruitment and consider the strategy quite effective. Besides, the overall cost of recruiting through referrals is cheaper because other people work on your behalf.

So, identify the type of employees you need to hire and ask your current employees to help you. Doing so will make your current employees feel loved and appreciated, and their productivity might increase.

To increase their morale, consider giving them a small incentive for every prospect you get and hire successfully.

4. Create Diverse Company Policies   

Workplace diversity helps a business get more ideas and can also enhance the overall business image. Do you already have a diverse company culture? If not, create one to create balance among your employees in terms of their background and other attributes.

Your first step to creating a diverse culture is to set goals. What do you want to be active in? Perhaps only 20% of your employees are women, and the rest are men. In that case, you can create your goal to raise the 20% to 50% within a specified period.

You can also implement the below policies to create a diverse company culture.

  • Dress code – create a dress code that doesn’t have strict restrictions on tattoos or particular hairstyles.
  • Leaves – paternal leaves are also as important as maternal leaves. Introducing paternal leaves can make men feel more appreciated as parents.
  • Holidays – there are many holidays for the different religions. Honor them all to make everyone at work appreciated, irrespective of their beliefs.

5. Consider Work Flexibility

The last tip for success through workplace inclusion is to create workplace flexibility. If you have a fixed in-office schedule for your employees, chances are you will exclude good people who may be staying away from your company.

A flexible working schedule allows employees to work online, getting rid of physical barriers. Create a more relaxed working schedule to accommodate the needs of your employees without compromising on productivity.


Workplace diversity can boost your business productivity because you get many helpful ideas. If you intend to create a unified team without bias, consider any of the above tips, and remember to review the success of your ideas with time.

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