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According to studies, flowers first bloomed around 130 million years ago and have been used by people for various reasons ever since. One of the most important uses of flowers is to elevate the place since they are widely known for their aesthetic appeal. Therefore, many people are teaching themselves how to fix a bouquet to make them for their houses, as buying flowers every time can be expensive.

In addition, studies show that arranging flowers also has some therapeutic properties, such as reducing depression and anxiety levels. Below is an article about five amazing ideas for arranging flowers like a pro

1. Master The Art of The Mix

Nothing looks good, like a bouquet with a mixture of everything. Hence, if you want to become a pro at arranging flowers, you should know when and how to mix the flowers.

Usually, there are four types of flowers, and including each will give you a beautiful bouquet. First, focal flowers include peonies, garden roses, and sunflowers. Then there are the filler flowers, such as Alchemilla, line flowers, and the foliage. 

Focal flowers act as the centre of attention. Therefore, you need to be careful when picking them out. Mixing out these flowers creates visual harmony that will look pleasing to the eyes. 

In addition, you can buy some flowers from a floral shop. For example, if you are in Campbelltown, you can get exclusive flowers from nearby shops or fresh flowers delivered to Campbelltown to make the arrangements look lovely.

2. Use A Knife-Not Scissors

Sometimes when arranging flowers, you notice that some stems are large and need trimming to fit a particular vase. Most times, however, people cut the stems of flowers to enhance water absorption and prevent bacterial growth in the branch.

Thus, it is essential that you cut the stem once in a while. What’s more important is how you miss the stem. Usually, people use a knife instead of scissors to trim out stems as knives have a cleaner cut than scissors. 

Using a sharp knife’s tip to trim the edges is much safer than using scissors. This, therefore, reduces the risk of getting any cuts. In addition, knives with sharper edges provide more surface area for the flower to absorb more water. This is quite crucial as it ensures the longevity of your flowers.

3. Work From Biggest to Smallest flowers

When working with flowers, you must work from biggest to smallest if you want to arrange them like a pro. Thus, placing them from the biggest to the smallest creates a visual balance, making the flowers look more attractive. 

In addition to that, working from biggest to smallest allows for perfect placement since larger flowers have bigger stems which take up more space. Therefore, the smaller stems are fitted through the areas left, which helps add layering and depth to the flowers. This further makes them more visually pleasing.

Furthermore, you create structural stability by arranging the giant flower stems first, as they help support the other flowers. Also, they help prevent the flowers from falling quickly and getting smashed.

4. Arranging Flowers using Pots

If you want to start arranging your flowers like a pro, you should switch to using flower pots compared to other vessels. This is because flower pots are more versatile and come in various sizes and shapes. Therefore, you can choose the flower pot that best compliments your flowers and space.

Additionally, most flower pots have a hole at the bottom which acts as a drainage system. Likewise, it helps prevent overwatering of plants, which may cause stunted growth and the death of the roots. This is because oxygen molecules find it hard to pass through the soil to the flower when there’s much water in the vase, which may lead to wilting.

Lastly, putting your flowers in a flower pot will help them stay in one place, enhancing their appearance. Therefore, your plant will still look new, as the stems will be vital as the new ones.

5. Consider the Setting

Finally, if you want to arrange flowers like a pro, you should consider where you will be displaying the flowers. After knowing the location and the occasion, you need to place your flowers to integrate with the setting. 

This also means using complementary colors to create a visual balance with the current environment. For example, if the occasion, maybe a wedding, has a modern theme and vibe, you should tweak your flower arrangement to fit the occasion.

What’s more, you should consider the practicality of your flowers according to the occasion. For example, if you have been invited for dinner, the flowers must be placed on the dinner table. Then it would be best to make the flowers in a way that does not obstruct the guests from seeing or talking to each other.

Therefore, it is essential that you ask for details about the venue, occasion, and where they want the flowers to be before arranging any of your bouquets. 

Wrapping Up

Important tips such as knowing when and how to mix flowers for your bouquet are the first steps to being a pro at arranging flowers. You need to know the right ratio and the type of flowers to include so that they create visual balance and look pleasing to the human eye.

Additionally, when trimming out the stems, you need to use a knife as scissors, especially thick and blunt ones, which can interfere with water absorption and may make the flowers wilt. Also, before making any bouquet, it is crucial that you inquire about the occasion and the theme first so that your flowers can complement the occasion. 

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