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Whenever you go out for an event, work, or meeting with friends, you must ensure the nails are perfect and the designs are attractive. Attractive does not mean expensive; it can be something unique and simple. The most significant concern is to ensure it matches your fashion and, perhaps, the event.  

Nowadays, it seems like people have exhausted all the nail designs, and the new ones are nowhere to be seen. If you are running out of techniques, you need a new manicurist or get creative to paint some new designs. Alternatively, you can discover some recent trends by reading this article. Some trends discussed here may be known to you; however, they can help boost your nail game and fashion. 

Artificial Coloured Nail

1. French Nail Designs 

French nail designs will be perfect if you need a nail design that will capture every mood. You can select from an endless list of designs ranging from traditional to modern designs. Despite looking like the older generation nail design, they are still the best designs for events such as parties and official events such as weddings and functions.

Based on the designs, you can select the nail curves and work with long tips, oval, round, and shorter tips based on your taste and preferences. Therefore, they are ideal for those who love shorter nails with unique designs.

The other advantage is working with various colours based on the seasons. In the summer, you can go with bright and attractive tropical colours. You can still use the same designs in winter to add some positive vibes to the winter. 

As you dress in bright, floral, and other attractive clothes for various occasions, the French nail designs can match your fashion if you select the right colours and designs. This is because they are suitable for every occasion and best fit a wide range of fashion, including dull colours for events such as cold winters.  

2. Almond Nail Designs 

Almond nail designs are suitable for both official and unofficial events. They are the best designs for official environments such as workplaces, and you can also consider them for parties, churches and other social gatherings. Ladies who love something simple yet attractive should always have more preferences for almond designs. 

You can select from various designs; the other advantage is simplicity. They are not complex; hence, you only need a few minutes to have an excellent design to match the event and fashion. The other advantage is that you can design from the comfort of your house or with the help of a friend.  

3. Insect Nail Ideas 

If you love nature, these can be the best nail designs for you. You do not have to paint the insects conspicuously and all over the nails. You can lengthen the nails for a lovely butterfly painting. You can also have smaller insects, such as ladybugs, bees, and dragonflies, painted. 

Insect nail designs are not for every occasion; you should use them selectively. For instance, they can match floral dresses or dresses with a few insect prints. They match best with bright colours meaning it is best to consider the designs for summer fashion. Consider the designs if you have a good command of colours, meaning you can blend them perfectly to match and blend with your style. Otherwise, the outcomes can be disastrous and leave you regretful. 

You can use different nail designs, including changing the natural colours of insects. You can paint your butterflies pink with a few dots of black. Successful and attractive designs should rely on natural insect colours with a bit of creativity.

Insect Nail Design Ideas

4. Floral Nail Prints 

If you love flowers, bright colours, and nature, the perfect nail design is the floral nail prints. You have a wide range of flowers to consider, and you can also have different designs to paint. Besides relying on the manicurist, you can get creative and paint some designs.  

Floral nails can match various fashions; if you suspect the fashion is dull, you can use floral designs to brighten the overall look. They can also match various colours and suit different events, especially parties. Some are best for longer nails, while others are suitable for shorter ones.   

When painting the nails, ensure the flowers cover a smaller section, i.e. they should be painted centrally on the nails. The rest of the space should have bold colours to complement the flower or distinguish it from afar. Here is one strategy you can apply: The tip of the nail should have a colour that matches the flower, while the rest of the nail can have other complementary colours. Get creative with the designs before settling on the final one.

Floral Nail Prints 

5. Pastel Colour Design 

Not many ladies love the design; however, those who know how to blend the colours perfectly can stand out in a crowd or enjoy admitting their nails. The challenge is selecting a group of paste colours for the individual nails, meaning you need 3 to 5 colours that can blend perfectly. One advantage is that you have different pastel colours, especially when painting the nails for the summer.  

They match with shorter nails with oval-shaped or flat edges. Since you are using a combination of colours, you can pair them with multicoloured clothes by matching the colors with that of the cloth.  

Pastel Colour Nail Design 


Before selecting an ideal nail design, consider the fashion, event, or season. Talk to the manicurist to help you choose a design that meets these needs or the occasion. It is best to consider something simple, attractive, and suitable for different clothes.

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