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Manicures are essential to boost your beauty and contribute to your fashion. With the designs and art, you can match your nails to the dress and fashion to stand out, especially when planning events and attending different festivals. You do not have to visit a beauty parlor to achieve the best, but you can use in-door nail designs. One of the best ways to make the nail perfect is using nail art.

You can use different nail art designs for your manicure to make the nails outstanding. The art to consider will depend on the event and the fashion you plan. Here are some of the best nail art to consider at home and at the beauty and parlor shops. 

1. Neon Nails 

How do you make your nails too colorful, bright, and bold, especially in the summers and the dull days? The best way to get brighter nails is to use neon nails art. The art uses various colors and designs with brighter colors that stand out. The art focuses on using shades such as orange, pink, red, and other colors, but you can combine two or more to boost the overall look. 

There are different neon nail art designs depending on your choices and preferences for colors. They will be suitable for nail shaping arts such as the oval, long nails, and flat top designs. You can also select other high-end art, such as the gold style, which can be good for parties or matching your gold outfit. 

2. Stiletto Nail art stickers

One of the easiest ways to do your nail art is to use stickers which is the simplest way to do your nail art within the shortest period. The process is more straightforward, especially if you are in a hurry and need your nails to look perfect quickly. 

First, you must buy different nail stickers, keep them in the house, and then use them for your manicure after polishing. These designs are ideal when you do not have other nail polishes since the nail art will help you boost your nail appearance without having other polishes.

Like the stiletto shoes, these nail arts are unique due to the long nails with narrow edges and sharp points and tips. They match different designs, but you should select the ombre design due to their long lengths and add some delicate shades of pink and natural tones. After you shape the nails, you need to add some brighter colors, and if your nails are shorter, you can add some artificial nails to increase the length and achieve the best designs.

3. Flower Almond nail art

This nail art is based on how you shape your nails. First, you must shape the nails to have a longer and softer tip. You can use other designs and nail shaping styles, such as the oval style, to ensure the nail tip has a perfect shape before using the art. Despite being one of the oldest art designs, it remains one of the most appealing and can fit the needs of younger and older ladies. 

Whenever you try this design, you have to be sure about nail safety which means you have to harden the nails to avoid the vulnerability that may lead to breakages that may arise due to the longer nail tips and the long nails. As you file the nails to achieve the perfect tip, you leave them vulnerable to weaknesses. After shaping the nails, you must use different approaches to harden the nails. 

This style is suitable when planning parties, weddings, and other events. The art design can also mimic your favorite colors and different colors blended to form the perfect art. You can select different colors to match the upcoming event. 

4. Purple-pink floral nail art

If you love the floral appearance, you need to have the best floral nail art to make you stand out amongst the people. This art can also be good for the summer holidays, events, and festivities. The art combines different flowers, such as pink, purple and white. The color combination makes it one of the best art designs for your nails. If you are wearing dull clothes, you can consider these nail art to brighten your fashion. 

It can be complex to achieve the art, and you need someone with the expertise to make the perfect nails. You need white, pink, and purple nail polishes, a thin nail art brush, and a nail art pen to make the surface and finish smoother. To achieve the best design, you must have the best base coat allowed to dry, then use different nail polishes to finish it off using the best top coat.

5. Cloud Art Nails

Cloud can take different shapes, and so is this design and art that can be achieved using different colors or a blend of colors. You can use it on all the nails, or you can use it on a few or just one on every hand. You can also use different nail cloud designs on the nails to make them unique. 

Ensure you select the cloud colors for the designs but for the nails without designs, you can use one and uniform nails. The nail design can be suitable for spring and summer to enjoy the flourishing looks and attractive spring colors. 


The nail art you select will depend on different factors such as your fashion, even, and your shape. You can choose brighter designs for spring and summer events or when wearing dull clothes. Otherwise, the secret is to keep everything simple and blend different colors. You can also mimic other things such as clod shapes to have the best art and designs. 

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