Preserve Food At Home 

When your garden rewards you with a bountiful harvest, or you’ve bought your favorite vegetables and fruits at the market, you need to know how to preserve them. 

Preserving food at home depends on the type of food. But with the right preservation products, you can preserve your food safe for later use. 

Are you looking for a reliable product to preserve food at home? Below you’ll find a list of 5 must-haves to preserve food properly; 

1. Coated Paper 

When it comes to food packaging, proper moisture control is critical. The packaging should keep moisture on the outside or inside to make the food last longer. Oxygen conversion and moisture control determine the performance of the packaging material. 

Coated paper has a barrier coating that keeps food contents fresh, helps consumers preserve high-quality products, and extends the shelf life of perishable foods. 

In most cases, coated paper preserves dry foods. Some single-sided coated papers function as freezer paper. Therefore, they’re usually used for wrapping and preserving different types of food. The most popular places where you can find freezer-coated papers are butcher stores, restaurants, and grocery stores. Butcher shops use freezer-coated paper to wrap meat after slaughter. 

Poly-coated wrapping paper usually has a high MVTR (moisture vapor transfer rate). The MVTR indicates the rate at which moisture can move through the paper. This means that coated paper keeps moisture within the food contents and prevents it from drying out. At the same time, it prevents moisture from escaping to the outside. 

2. Vacuum Sealer 

A vacuum is another important product that preserves food for a longer time. They are useful when preserving individual or family-size food portions like snacks and vegetables.  

When you buy meat in bulk, you can preserve it using the vacuum sealer and divide it into smaller portions when needed. According to frequent vacuum sealer users, the tool can preserve meat for up to 6 months. 

The mechanism by which vacuum sealers keep food fresh for extended periods is fascinating. The sealer prevents oxygen from getting into food content. Therefore, it prevents the growth of oxygen-dependent bacteria and molds. When the food lacks oxygen, the molds and bacteria won’t grow. 

In addition, the product prevents food from getting to the extent of freezer burn and dehydration. Freezer burns typically happen when food and water mix. Vacuum bags prevent food from coming in contact with the environmental air. Therefore, moisture can’t evaporate. It also forms a barrier for other environmental elements like dust that can easily contaminate your food. 

According to recent studies, vacuum sealing preserves food for 3 to 5 times longer than food storage mechanisms like plastic bags or containers. The exact time food lasts in a vacuum sealer depends on whether you keep the sealer in a freezer, refrigerator, or pantry. 

3. Canning Jars 

Canning jars are the ideal products to preserve food for the longest time. Unfortunately, new canning containers aren’t sterile. Therefore, before you load your food, you must sterilize them to kill all the unwanted microorganisms. 

When looking for a canning jar to store food products at your home, look for the recommended option that can withstand high temperatures and steam pressures. Its design and style should be up-to-date.  

In that case, know that the safety of the canning jar depends on how airtight the lead closes. Properly sealing the canning jar produces a high-pitched sound. 

4. Pressure Canner 

A pressure canner is a pot with an airtight seal and weighted gauge that regulates the steam pressure which builds up inside to increase or decrease the burning heat. Pressurized steam is hotter than boiling water. That means it can kill all the microorganisms, including their spores. A pressure canner is a recipe for keeping food safe for a lengthy period. 

Generally, pressure canners are effective in preserving meat, poultry, vegetables, and seafood. These foods tend to have an acidic pH that prevents the proliferation of heat-restraint bacteria. That means you should only use a pressure canner in low-acid foods like vegetables, meat, and fish, among others. 

5. Mylar Bag Sealer 

Mylar bags are low-oxygen transmission packaging products because of the thick lamination layer. The three layers of mylar sealers offer ultimate protection against sunlight, odor, and moisture.

The key feature of Mylar bags is that they are extremely thin and flexible but durable and strong. They are also easy to use and resistant to punctures. The opacity nature of the mylar bag improves its nutrient preservation capabilities. 

As Mylar bags preserve food items for months and even years, they work by creating an airtight environment. Therefore, bacteria won’t be able to grow in a low-oxygen medium. 


The right product you can use to preserve food in your home depends on the nature of the food, storage duration, and availability. Therefore, choose your ideal option from coated papers, vacuum sealers, mylar bags, blanching baskets, or canning jars. Any of the options will serve you right to your expectations. 

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