Gluten-free Gift Hamper

Let’s face it; it never hurts to make healthier choices; when it comes to looking and, more importantly, feeling good, our little decisions around the margins substantially impact our overall health.  

So while dramatic gestures of good health sound good, sustainable health is the cumulative result of all the small choices we, or anyone, make. The little things matter, or to adapt a well-known adage, it doesn’t hurt to sometimes sweat the small stuff.  

So what are examples of these small but crucial choices? Frankly, there are endless. Is it getting a little more sleep? What about drinking a bit more water? Or increasing your step count? Sure, sure. All good options. However, what about the fun stuff? This is when the healthy choices tend to go out the window.  

Everyone knows what’s right, right? Wrong. From low alcohol substitutes, meat replacements, and lighter chocolate, the days of healthy choices being a penance are gone. However, we still need to address the elephant in the room or, more accurately, the gluten-free hamper in the post.  

When it comes to a modern-day gift, there are few better options than a gluten-free hamper, a gift that personifies kindness and thoughtfulness while also showing that you opted for a healthy gift and one that the person receiving can consume without thinking twice about.

So, what are the benefits of these hampers, and why should you opt for them as a healthier choice when considering sending a gift? Frankly, there are endless; however, for brevity, here are five.  

Fruits basket on a beach

1. Keeping your treats guilt-free 

When you send a gluten-free hamper, it need not all be almonds and health foods. Try sugar free-chocolate or delicious fruits. Don’t hesitate to consider a gluten-free beer or wine if you think it will be a popular gift. 

With gluten-free hampers, there is option for you to customize it, so the treats you send along are as healthy as a treat can be, making for a better choice. This allows whomever you are gifting the hamper to enjoy it with impunity—all thanks to you and your thoughtfulness.  

2. Bone health 

It’s essential to have healthy bones, it’s not reinventing the wheel of health-related discourse to state this. Healthy bones are critical for good health, and thankfully there are endless gluten-free products loaded with the calcium needed to help keep your bones healthy.  

Try sending a gluten-free hamper packed with gluten-free cheese — whoever you gift it to will be thanking you and their bones will be too. A far healthier choice than any alternative, that’s for sure. 

3. Creativity 

How does creativity boost health? Well, it’s a fair question — good thing we have the answer. Having a varied diet is an underrated element of good health; making sure that the vital food groups are represented as you swap between dishes, well, that matters.

A gluten-free hamper comes loaded with choices, allowing the person who receives it to experiment and be more creative than they might otherwise. Providing options for them will go a long way to their increased creativity in the kitchen. Healthier, again.

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4. Improved health and weight loss 

If you’re not in the business of weight loss, then that’s great; this element is less important for you, and when sending it as a gift, it’s essential it doesn’t come across as the gift equivalent of buying someone an unwanted gym membership. However, if you know that the person you are gifting the basket to is trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss progression, this is a fantastic gift and a far healthier choice.  

Gluten-free diets can have health and weight loss benefits, so as you try and be supportive of someone, this is a great gift, a healthier choice, and as we have discussed, it can still feel like a gift. The benefits of gluten in this regard are endless.  

Measuring tape and weight machine

5. Energy 

We all want energy; bounding off to do the things that we enjoy is one of life’s great joys.  

Feeling tired after eating gluten is a known complaint, so in this regard, gluten-free baskets are a healthier option. Cutting out gluten can increase energy, and your gift hamper can do just this. Gifting someone the opportunity to be the best version of themselves is one of the best things you can do, so do it.  

Hamper fill with fruits and vegetables


Now that you understand how gluten-free gift hampers are healthier, why not gift one for the summer? Stocking a summer picnic with a gluten-free gift hamper will be a real winner as the season begins. So why not take the dilemma of buying the hamper away from someone, and send it as a gift? 

When gifting the hamper, you are not forcing someone to go gluten-free forever or pushing any diet changes on anyone. You are just providing someone with a selection of the best elements of a beautiful product for them to enjoy.  

So send it their way; you won’t regret it, and the thank you cards will pour in. However, that isn’t why you’re doing it.

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