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If you’re familiar with social media, you may have come across this celebrity, Hasbulla. The star has over 2 million followers on all platforms for a video blog of his life activities. One of the trending videos that brought him to the lamplight is a clip of him barfing trash to his arch-enemy Abdu Rozik in a press conference before agreeing to a boxing match, although it didn’t hold.

To that effect, he founded Crypto Hasbulla. The collection has over 10,000 customs and drawings envisioned by Hasbulla Magomedov. The celebrity launched his idea on Polygon Ethereum blockchain. Each crypto on the blockchain is a connection to Hasbulla’s international web3 community and things yet to manifest in the Metaverse.

Crypto Hasbulla concept art

So far, he has ignited 939 out of the 10,000 Crypto Habulla’s collection. Surprisingly, the token is worth 700 ETH on Opensea, starting at 0.2 ETH.  

Here are more crazy facts about Hasbulla NFT.

1. Hasbulla NFT Started as a Feeler 

If you’re a member of the Hasbulla NFT community, you’ll realize it contains 10,000 self-functioning NFTs. The network is unique, with different characters’ moods and rarities. However, the package will be released to the public after the phase. The crazy fact is that the programming team used a different approach making the network stand out from other NFT projects.

While many NFT projects use AI connections to run different rarities, Crypto Hasbulla NFTs employ unique and independent algorithms to customize NFTs. Additionally, you can add exterior features through the iterative function adding evolution to the web3. Crazily, the project started as feelers out to make interest but gathered a Discord community of 20,000. The community has increased to over 22,500 fans and is still growing.

2. The Owner, Hasbulla Magomedov, has a Weird Voice 

Hasbulla Magomedov is a  20 years old Tiktoker from the Russian Republic of Dagestan. He has a weird voice that makes him stand out. You can see his hilarious and outrageous videos on social media. The crazy celebrity has over 6 million fans on IG, with thousands of views each day.

The content creator started his videos in 2020 but hit the stage in 2021 with a crazy recreation of a UFC Lightweight fighter, Khabib Nurmgomedov. Afterwards, he showed his support for Dagestani martial arts which rewarded him with a sensational nickname on the internet, “Mini Khabib.” The two celebrities repeatedly go out with clips and shots for social media eyes. He has also featured different UFC fighters making him popular in the MMA community.

3. Hasbulla is TikTok’s Famous 

Although the content creator started in 2020, TikTokers began to love his content the following year. He also supported a martial artist, Dagestani, and a UFC Lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov. In short, his videos with the UFC fighter crazily brought him to lamplight.

The action made him a popular figure on the MMA board. His viral video bantering another social media star, Abdu Rozik, went viral. On the other hand, his Instagram page shows his exclusive daily lifestyle, including his luxury fleet of cars, private jets, and many eye-catching fixtures.

Focused Professional Man buying Hasbulla NFT 

4. Various Utility Level Exist for Crypto Hasbulla NFT Holder 

Crypto Hasbulla utilities are high, including a meal with Hasbulla Magomedov virtual or face-to-face. In addition, you can win the Hasbi token airdrops, access semi-annual actual life events, and earn passive income through NFTs. Holders of Habulla tokens also earn the chance to private merch raffles, access to exclusive combat sports shows, and the company’s upcoming Metaverse game.

To make this dream possible, Hasbulla has joined hands with sports communities like Barstool Sports and Eagle FC—furthermore, the collection’s utility functions on different pillars. So, the more Hasbulla NFTs you have, the higher the worth and privileges. For example, a miner with a single Hasbulla NFT will earn a 5% discount, while a miner with two will enjoy a discount of 10% and a chance for future NFTs. In addition, the latter will enjoy meetup events and private Twitch games with the celebrity.

Meanwhile, holders of 6 to 9 NFTs will enjoy additional benefits like a higher discount, a shout-out video from Hasbulla, and $150 in merch credits. Miners with over 20 NFTs are considered project whales and enjoy access to $250 credits, VIP meetups, and invites to semi-annual meetups and dinners. Additionally, whales can meet and mingle with UFC fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov.

5. The Hasbulla NFT Sold Out in Just 10 Minutes 

Hasbulla NFTs started functioning in 2023 as the second internet trend of the company. However, the NFT project is part of the Crypto Hasbulla roadmap. The first Hasbulla internet sensation is the Crypto Hasbulla collection. Although there are only 10,000 collections, they are hand-drawn tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.  

The NFT is ranking second position on OpenSea due to the crazy fact that the token sold out in under 10 minutes during its meeting on January 19th. According to CoinGecko, the Hasbulla token dropped and is currently at 0,077 ETH or $125.5. However, the trading market price is 33.85 ETH or $55,171, with a capitalization of 770 ETH or $1.2 million.

6. Tokens Only Available to Fans 

The project is available on the OpenSea account. The upside is that the coin has dropped in value, making it the best time to buy. In essence, be on the lookout for more detail through the many Hasbulla NFTs’ social media accounts or websites for the next release date.

The token and its utilities are only available to Hasbulla Magomedov’s fans. Its current NFT worth makes it hard to get into the part. Also, the company is selective and picks mostly solid utilities. Meanwhile, the projects need more innovations to remain in a stable market.

The Takeaway 

Hasbulla might have many things in stock that are unknown to people yet. Keep an eye out for the many opportunities you can get from this NFT.

Even though it is still in its early stage, this is the best time to join. Interested users should consider joining the fan club to access the token.

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