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The cryptocurrency market is rapidly thriving. The market has led to an increase in the number of coins available for Crypto investors to invest in. Nevertheless, with the increase in the number of launches, with each striving to be the best, it becomes challenging to determine the best option to invest in. Most of these launches are stable. They can have tremendous results whenever they are well utilized. To be a successful crypto investor, you must choose the best option before investing. Your thorough research before settling for any platform will significantly impact your investment.

The following article will examine the best crypto launches to invest in.

1. Finixio AI

Finixio AI is one of the latest digital trading companies. Since its establishment in 2018, Finixio AI has recorded tremendous progress and advancement, making it efficient and the best crypto company to invest in. With the progress Finixio AI has made through the few years of its existence, it is right to say it is a promising platform for all crypto investors.

Finixio AI is aggressively expanding its crypto portfolio to ensure its Crypto investors benefit from their investments. Finixio has significantly grown, bringing on board over 60 websites experiencing over 10 million visitors per month. In the last few months, Finixio managed to launch its B2B division and acquired crypto news sites such as cryptosvet. Cz. In addition, Finixio partners with companies such as crypto.com and Coinbase, which is the best crypto exchange company. 

2. Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 trade platform is majorly accessed through a D2T token. It majorly seeks to help you as an crypto investor locate the best trading opportunities using emerging cryptocurrency signals and analytic tools. With the dash 2 trade, you tend to enjoy intelligence tools and get regular crypto signals.

The commerce environment in crypto trading is usually powered by the native digital token of dash 2 trade. A good example is how dash 2 trade includes all typical crypto signals, such as the advised entry price, the target take-profit, stop loss levels, and all cryptocurrency pairs to trade, whether pacing a buy or sell order. All these signals are created by a team of skilled crypto investors who collaborate through cutting-edge tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As an investor, you can access the available signals, tools, and other outstanding dash 2 trade analytic platform features. It’s good to note that the D2T token is rapidly becoming the best and most popular cryptocurrency today due to its cutting-edge tools.

3. Calvaria Crypto

Calvaria was developed to raise awareness among crypto investors about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Calvaria allows investors to compete among themselves utilizing NFT cards. An investor must devise the best strategies to win prizes and defeat opponents. In addition, you can also make money as an investor by selling your unique NFT collection if you have amassed enough.

Further, more competitions will always be available in Calvaria to give investors more opportunities to acquire extra rewards. The primary medium of exchange in Calvaria is the RIA tokens available in presale. Using the Calvaria platform’s cryptocurrency launch, as an investor, you can easily purchase RIA tokens and stake them to generate passive income. Additionally, you can use eRIA digital tokens from Calvaria for in-game purchases. RIA and eRIA will be used to trade Ethereum-based coins.

It’s with no doubt that Calvaria is among the best crypto launches to invest in. The analytic tools and opportunities to earn significant income make it perfect for investors looking for better gigs.


IMPT is a crypto project established to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Through the platform, several investors joined hands and agreed to use a certain amount of their income for environmental initiatives.

Investors who trade in the IMPT platform receive IMPT tokens as a sale margin. They can use the IMPT tokens acquired to purchase carbon credits. The carbon credits are always available as NFTs. Alternatively, you can buy IMPT tokens directly from the platform as an investor.

Further, investors can burn their NFTs’ carbon credits or hold them until their prices rise.

5. Tamadoge

Tamadoge is another amazing crypto launch that allows investors to breed and create Tamadoge pets. Investors can also compete in the crypto space using their virtual pets. The competitions will enable them to earn rewards through coins known as TAMA. Investors can easily buy Tamadoge NFT pets at the TAMA store.

Tamadoge crypto projects are still developing; crypto investors can buy the tokens at favorable entry prices. Recently, Tamadoge launched numerous exchanges that allow investors to purchase tokens for less than $1. Though it is still developing, its remarkable advancements make it the most favorable cryptocurrency platform. In addition, Tamadoge is still working on other amazing features that will make it more impressive.  

6. EstateX

EstateX is a new cryptocurrency that mainly aims at making real estate investing simple, easy, and affordable for everyone. Amazingly, anyone can invest easily using the EstateX platform to start investing in real estate with as little as $100 and start earning passive income immediately.

The EstateX platform uses blockchain technology to create fractionalized real estate ownership. The ESX coin is the primary medium of exchange that serves as the foundation of the EstateX economy. As an investor, you can choose the type of properties EstateX to invest in. EstateX aims to expand the functionality of the ESX token to be used as a means of payment in the future.

7. Interest Protocol

Interest Protocol is a decentralized banking system founded on the Ethereum network. The system uses basic coins known as USDi, whose values are equivalent to the USDC. Crypto Investors get interested by combining DeFi and fractional banking.

It’s possible to mine the USDi coin by either depositing USDC into the interest protocol or borrowing USDi. As an investor, you automatically earn interest for all your USDi in your wallet. You will not have to spend money stacking and unstacking your coins. This means the platform has flexible services that can help meet any demand.

Wrapping Up

Before making any investment, it is imperative to research the platform you want to invest in. Considering the available features that will make your trading experience easy and profitable is important. In addition, you should also consider the interest rates and the value of the basic coin. Lastly, the number of crypto investors in any platform will also determine your profit and the success of your investment.

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