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Today, many organizations have made the idea of drug testing compulsory. It is primarily because of the growing likelihood of dangers and fraud within corporate businesses or sports organizations in today’s international workplace culture.  

To determine an employee’s suitability for a position inside a company, screening them is crucial. Be aware of the rising drug usage rates, which are getting harder to manage. However, a company’s employers may solve this issue with a simple solution like employee drug testing

Drug testing describes the steps a business takes to determine whether or not one of its workers is misusing drugs within or outside of the workplace, which may otherwise reduce their productivity. You are free to test your employees for cannabis, alcohol, or drug usage if your state’s laws allow such testing. Even sports athletes have to go through drug testing to prevent cheating. 

So, this post has six new ways to help you pass a drug test

1. Natural Cleanse Using Home Remedies 

A natural cleansing may usually complete within 30 to 60 days. You must alter your dietary and lifestyle patterns to ensure that your body gets rid of the drug stored in your system. Everybody detoxes at their rate. Although most people can finish their detoxification within a few weeks, heavy daily users have claimed that it might take up to 90 days to thoroughly clean their system off the drug after their last usage. 

When you have a few days before passing delta-8 drug test, home methods for detoxification, such as lemon juice, cranberry juice, coffee, and apple cider vinegar, work best. However, same-day detox beverages like coffee and green tea are great diuretics that are your best chance if you must pass a drug test within several days. 

For instance, cranberry juice acts as a diuretic that makes you often urinate while helping the body eliminate toxins. Drinking this juice at considerable intervals can help to flush out the drug from your system faster.

Similarly, coffee also makes you urinate frequently but if you drink too much coffee, take vitamin B supplements to avoid suspicions. Also, if you have less time to clean yourself from drugs, lemon juice diluted with water is the best remedy, and it can get negative results before taking the test.  

2. Dilution Method 

The effective primary strategy for passing a urine drug test is dilution. The concept is extremely straightforward; you consume more water, which dilutes the urine and lowers the number of drug metabolites relative to the water.  

You can also consume green tea or coffee that acts as a diuretic since it contains caffeine and increases the urge to urinate frequently. Remember you can also take 5 grams of creatine monohydrate and vitamin B when trying this method to prevent suspicions.

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3. Detox Drinks 

Most individuals use detox drinks to avoid showing up positive for a pre-employment or post-employment random drug test. There are alternative methods available if you have plenty of time before the test, such as giving up smoking or using substitute urine. Detox drinks are your only practical choice if you have a few hours to spend. 

They function by accelerating the body’s organic detoxification mechanism. A detox beverage may widen the window through which you will test clean. Even if you just smoked pot hours earlier, your drug test may not show any evidence. 

You cannot take any detox drink, though, since some may remove the markers used by testers to determine if a sample is authentic from urine. In addition, if a urine sample does not have the required color, temperature, or creatinine level, labs will normally reject it. So, drink more water and limit your meals until the test, in addition to the detox drink. Additionally, on the day of the drug test, urinate regularly to flush away the hazardous compounds. Finally, abstain from alcoholic beverages and over-the-counter medications. 

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4. Baking Soda 

Baking soda can make it challenging to detect drugs containing methamphetamine. Since it is alkaline, it delays the kidneys’ ability to excrete methamphetamine for a while.  

Approximately two hours before this test, you can drink 32 oz. of water with 1 or 2 teaspoons of baking soda. However, it is doubtful that two tablespoons will be acceptable as it may lead to alkalosis, an electrolyte imbalance, and stomach rupture, which have both been linked to high baking soda intake.  

So, you can take 16 oz. of this solution four hours before the drug test and the rest two hours before the test. Then, you can consume B-vitamin, green tea, and creatine to flush out the drug from your system. 

5. Synthetic Urine 

The simple aspect of synthetic urine is not having THC or other drugs. Currently, labs are so advanced that it is nearly challenging to pass off a non-human source. In addition, this deception becomes more difficult because specific tests demand that you be watched while you collect your sample.  

Not to mention that it’s plain nasty to walk around with fake urine in your pocket. But synthetic urine can be a viable choice for you. Synthetic or artificial urine contains ingredients that can replicate original urine in terms of constituents, look and smell. These urines also have a specific gravity and pH value close to real urine. 

6. Mouthwash 

Mouthwashes are incredibly effective when trying to pass a drug test through swabs. Various jobs may make it compulsory for you to give a saliva test post or pre-employment at any moment. Several types of mouthwash, like saliva, cleanse mouthwash, toxin-rid mouthwash, Listerine, etc., are readily available on the market and can help you pass a saliva test anytime when you don’t have time for detox methods. You must shake the mouthwash bottle, pour some of it into your mouth, rinse it inside and spit it out. 

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Final Note 

The most effective method to prepare for a drug test would be to follow the detox program and other methods to flush out the drug’s toxins from the body. Drink plenty of water, consume detoxifying drinks, and try home remedies like lemon or cranberry juice to eliminate the drug from your system. Moreover, the more you pee, the faster it will work. If you’re still unsure how to pass a drug test, you should consider the above-mentioned steps. 

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