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Onyx fundamentally refers to the parallel banded variety of chalcedony, which is a silicate mineral. Like agate, which is its close variant with curved bands, onyx is also banded, but its bands are parallel.

Onyx has been used for different purposes since it was classified by Pliny, the Elder, around AD 77; some were negative, while others were positive. For instance, in China, people would avoid coming into contact with the stone for fear of it bringing bad luck.

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All these notwithstanding, onyx has created a name as one of the sought-after gemstones and a darling of many in jewelers’ stores. Its exotic luster and transparent qualities have set it up higher in the scalar chain of appeal to many people’s tastes and preferences. By their very nature, they preserve a glowing and dazzling surface due to their thin slabs; thus, the stone reflects the light perfectly throughout its surface, looked at from every side. And because the onyx stone is deliberate to appeal to all of us, it comes in various types that we will discuss here.

1. Black Onyx  

The onyx stands out as the onyx gemstone that is the most predominant in the fundamental onyx color, which is black and white. The mineral known as black onyx is a variant of silicate formed when silicon is collected out of solution to form solid quartz. It is quite hard and does not react with acids in any way, similar to agates, making it extremely durable and reliable. Black onyx is 7 on the Mohs hardness scale and has a specific gravity between 2.57 and 2.64.

Black Onyx  

Regarding its jewelry appeal, Black Onyx is generally regarded as having some of the most powerful healing properties. It is regarded by many to help release negative energy when worn. This could help restore mental strength and confidence in life pursuits.

2. Sardonyx  

Occasionally referred to as Sardinian Onyx, “sardonyx” refers to a gemstone combining the two minerals sard (an orange chalcedony) and onyx. Sard and onyx mix to produce sardonyx in this manner: Sard is responsible for the virtually black, red, to dark orange colors, whereas onyx is typically in the pitch-black color spectrum.

The properties of Sardonyx, according to metaphysics, as it has been used since ancient times, intimated strength and protection. It is also associated with bravery, happiness, and the ability to communicate well, making it ideal for use in matrimonial vows. A gift of a sardonyx jewel will live a permanent feeling of endearment.  

3. Carnelian Onyx 

Carnelian onyx is a mineral that has a brownish-red color and is sometimes spelled cornelian onyx. It is commonly used as a semi-precious gemstone and is oftentimes confused with sard because of its very close qualities and colors. On the Mohs scale, carnelian is between 6.5 and 7, and it is between 2.58 and 2.64 times as heavy as water, making it a very special catch for jewelers’. 

For a long time, most people have believed that Carnelian jewels protect the wearers from mental illness and depression. Most people still wear them with such ends in mind. In its post-modern use, many people believe that carnelian onyx improves self-esteem and creativity, relieves feelings of insecurity, raises levels of physical vitality, and relieves symptoms of insomnia. Carnelian is the “feel good” onyx stone that will add color to bad days and shine pieces into a person’s life. 

4. White Onyx  

Like black onyx, white onyx is also the other special onyx stone close to its natural formation. White Onyx Marble combines parallel or cloudy shades of grey and natural white. It exists naturally and thus maintains an effulgent and expensive look. On the Mohs scale, its hardness is 6. 

For use as jewelry, it is regarded as a caring and protective stone that helps us be more patient with ourselves and find clarity and focus, which helps us reach and stay in deeper states of meditation. Because it exists naturally in huge blocks that need to be shaped, it carries potential that can reshape and remold us. Thus athletes and trainers are popular with white onyx.  

5. Blue Onyx 

The Blue onyx is also known as Agate. In most cases, the blue part of a blue agate will have white stripes and thus appears dyed. On the Mohs scale, its hardness ranges between 6 and 7, and its brilliance can be glassy or silky depending on the crystal type. 

For its jewelry properties, Blue Onyx is perceived as a powerful stone that can protect us from bad and low energies that make us feel nervous or hurt our lives. The blue color is also associated with royalty and power, thus driven. It is associated with leadership and royalty. Blue onyx is mostly won by royal families, powerful people, and those aspiring to secure such exploits. 

6. Red Onyx  

Red onyx is majorly constituted of the same chemicals as quartz. In terms of appearance, it is close to some kinds of chalcedony, like jasper is either red or brown because of the presence of iron oxide impurities. The hardness of Red onyx on the Mohs scale is between 6.5 and 7, making it another great catch for jewelry stores.

Red Onyx  

Concerning its jewelry properties, the red onyx is taken to have the ability to keep things safe. Thus, it can keep one safe from evil eyes and eliminate bad energies in one’s mood. It also helps one deal with everyday life’s problems, making one remain positive. It can be used in pieces of jewelry dedicated to people we love and are attached to.

7. Niccolo Onyx 

Niccolo Onyx is another elusive and special gemstone. Niccolo onyx has a very thin upper layer that sets its crystalline qualities on a higher scale, making it transparent.  It allows the color of the black base layer to be seen through with satisfying distinction as either gray or blue.

Niccolo onyx is a symbol of the elusiveness and beauty of exotic nature. It looks good on people in love and those who share excellent attachments. Jewelry made off Niccolo onyx should be kept for special occasions with enduring memories.


Onyx stone is a special gemstone that comes in several colors and lusters, commanding wide appreciation from diverse demographics. It has a tender historical appeal and means different things to different people. We have discussed the seven dominant onyx gemstones you could consider while making your jewelry choices for 2023.  

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