Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas in a forest

A wedding is a fantastic idea in the life of a couple. You want to make it the climax of your pre-matrimonial memories and a beginning of a life of fulfillment, connection, love, and creating endless recollections together. 

As beautiful as the day is, it can bring much burden and wastefulness from the food, decorations, and unlimited accessories that add color to a wedding. All these have their contributions to the environment. 

Dinner plate on the table in a eco-friendly wedding

With this fact in mind, you can be very kind to share your big day with mother nature by limiting the burdens. The perfect way to do this is by settling for an eco-friendly wedding to ensure your big day remains sustainable. 

A green wedding, also called an eco-friendly wedding, is when a couple purposely takes steps to minimize the impact of their celebration on the environment.

Here are five ideas for a eco-friendly wedding that’s good for the earth, making sure your special day is a eco-friendly wedding.

1. Include Soy-based Foods in Your Menu 

Soy-based Foods

A wedding is complete with good sumptuous, and well-served food. After exchanging the vows, the party begins as the procession heads to the reception. Here it is all about dancing, eating, and endless servings of merriment.  

You can make it tasty and mouth-watering by including soy-based food products in your menu. Soy is a rich plant-based protein that is nutritionally rich and eco-friendly. It reduces greenhouse gases such as carbon (IV) oxide and nitrogen in the air, reducing global warming. Also, direct soy consumption, rather than filtered through the livestock food chain, is highly efficient. 

Using high-quality soybean, like the U.S. soy, will ensure you get the best of this versatile bean.  It can be made more colorful and inviting by preparing diverse soy foods like carefully done miso, exceptionally dressed tempeh, well-prepared soy meat, and rich soy sauce(teriyaki, shoyu, and tamari). You can make a difference by ensuring these foods are prepared by chefs with expertise in soy foods to ensure they give them the touch and grit of experience.  

2. Use Faux Flowers For Your Bouquet and Other Decorations 

Flowers and weddings are inseparable. You need flowers for decorations, registering the wedding theme color, and many more minor and pronounced embellishments.

As beautiful as these flowers are, they are irreplaceable and will wither at the end of the day. If you pluck them and use them, you rob nature of her beautiful covering; in the long run, this is unsustainable.

However, you must consider coloring your weddings with beautiful, colorful flowers. Faux flowers are a great solution to your longings for aesthetics and the need to remain sustainable.

Faux flowers are sometimes called “fake flowers.” They are not flowers you could pluck from some botanical garden. Instead, they are artificial flowers experts have carefully and exceptionally made to help spare those in our botanical gardens and achieve our needy for comeliness. They  are made from silk materials and will never wither, remaining a lasting memento of your big day.

3. Use Soy Wax Candles For Decorations 

Weddings are also enhanced and made beautiful with well-arranged lights. The best way to have a perfect lighting arrangement for effect is by using the choicest candles. 

While many candle options, including those made from paraffin, palm, and granulated wax candles, are always readily available, you should insist on using only those made from soy wax.

Soy Wax Candles

Soy wax candles have lots of advantages that together work towards sustainability. Unlike the classic paraffin wax, made from non-renewable petroleum, soy wax is made from renewable, environmentally friendly resources. It burns slower and longer, waiting until you finish everything you want to do on your big day.

Unlike paraffin wax which emits a lot of soot (which can mess up delicate items and dresses), soy wax burns cleaner and emits less soot.

Soy wax is exceptional in its fragrance carriage and requires no chemical enhancers, resulting in an authentic well-balanced scent.  Soy wax candles go beyond lighting your wedding to establishing an inviting scent, and all these are highly eco-friendly.

4. Arrange for Plant-Based Cakes 

Cake cutting is always the climax of most weddings. Most cakes are made of dairy products such as milk and butter. You can maintain sustainability and eco-friendliness on your big day by celebrating it with a plant-based vegetarian cake.

Plant-Based Cakes

A vegetarian cake is not an impoverished cake because of the avoidance of animal products. The trick is simple; making it simple and sweet by replacing animal products with plant products that can serve the same purpose.

Instead of dairy milk, you can use soy milk to achieve the same goal. You could try plant-based ingredients like bananas, vegan milk, and applesauce to supplement the dairy typically contained in a cake. 

5. Plant a Tree to Commemorate the Day 

Plant a Tree to Commemorate the Day 

Trees are great soldiers when it comes to the protection of the environment. People plant trees to mark significant milestones; your wedding is no less a milestone. Planting a tree will not only serve as a reminder of your love story and the big anniversary, but it will also take care of the environment. 

As your love and family thrive, you will be glad that nature is also cushioned by the tree you planted on your big day. 

Bottomline: A Eco-Friendly Wedding

Weddings are beautiful and memorable days for a couple. You can share your big day with friends and relatives and do something for mother nature by adopting vegan eco-friendly wedding ideas. This article provides five Vegan eco-friendly wedding ideas you can consider to make your big day sustainable. 

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