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Blogging is one of the most important aspects of a website. It is the anchor that affects the kind of traffic you will get. If you frequently update your website with unique content, you will surely get a lot of traffic. As much as traffic is essential, your blogs must have backlinks to rank high in search engines. Yet, you do not require numerous backlinks on your blog. It would help if you had quality and relevant backlinks to ensure you appear in the search engine’s upper crust.  

HubSpot estimates that websites that blog regularly grab 97% of inbound links. There aren’t any specific methods of getting backlinks from authority websites, but there are tricks through which you can build a repo. This article will teach you some tricks to build quality backlinks from authority websites. Remember, you need to be patient and understand that getting backlinks is gradual, especially if you are a new blogger. That is the way you will be able to get backlinks. Here are five tips for choosing suitable sites to get backlinks.  

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1. Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging is contributing articles for other websites free of charge. It is an excellent opportunity to tell others that you are an expert in the subject matter. Therefore, when you write content for another website, you can take the opportunity to get quality backlinks for your website. Everyone wins since you get a backlink while the other party gets free content.  

Many bloggers write poor content using this technique and still get backlinks. However, such an approach is unethical. Google has been cracking down on websites practicing this kind of behavior. Look for authorized websites that allow guest blogging to start, and you will highly benefit if you follow the right way.

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2. Infographics 

Who does not love going through infographics? They have fewer words, which ensures every reader gets the substance you are writing. For instance, if you are writing about diet, you can write “10 foods to help in your weight loss journey.” If your infographic is decent, you can offer the same to other websites inviting guest blogs. You can submit a write-up together with your infographic and put a link to your website there. By doing that, you will build the link to your website from authorized sites.

3. Online PR 

You probably presume public relations is an outdated strategy. However, it is one of the most effective strategies to get backlinks. When you are a newbie in online business, you are not known by anyone. To help with that, you can start writing press releases. If one of your pieces is picked by a media house, you will get quality backlinks from industry leaders. 

Without a doubt, press releases can act as a great way to improve your online search ranking. After the press release, you might also get ranked on Google’s first page. Suppose your press release is selected by Bloomberg or Time, or BusinessInsider. You know well about the impact this will have on your website.

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4. Testimonials 

Giving testimonials is also a genuine way of getting backlinks. So when you take someone’s services like web development or graphic design, you can leave a testimonial for their website. In return, you will get a backlink for your website. Furthermore, you can purchase a service on a website if there are testimonials and the service is not costly.  

5. Content Skyscraping 

Skyscraping content is where you choose the best content on the web according to your niche. You then proceed to make the content perfect for you to get quality backlinks. For instance, if you find content on 50 ways to build great websites, you can go on to write 100 ways to build great websites. In this case, you’ll be offering pointers to those looking for tips to create websites. They will go for 100 tips instead of an article with only 50 tips.  

First, you need to find the best-performing content. You can go to BuzzSumo and search for such content. Type the topic you are interested in, and the content will show up. You can then proceed to skyscraping the content.  

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Wrapping Up 

Backlinks are essential in your SEO strategy, but they do not occur without effort or by accident. The good thing is that you do not need to spend tons of money or celebrity status to get backlinks. Rather than sitting around and waiting for a miracle, make the extra effort and ask for them.  

You should create content that others want to link and develop relationships with other people with websites. Doing that will bump up your backlink and start noticing improvements in your SEO rankings. Remember, link building is the most ethical and efficient form of ranking higher in search engines. It should also not slip your mind that this will need a lot of patience and effort. So, ensure you go after viable options and will undoubtedly succeed. Apply the above tips and any others you might come across, and your website will perform exceptionally.  

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